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Vaccination Recommendations

At Jump Jivin' Aussies we have chosen to follow Dr. Jean Dodd's vaccination protocol. For repeat vaccinations beyond the protocol we choose to titer test our dogs to determine if re-vaccinations are necessary and only then do we vaccinate. For most puppies that have not yet been vaccinated, blood titers will show enough maternal antibodies (received from mother's first milk Colostrum) to provide sufficient protection beyond the first 9 weeks of a puppy's life. Immunity can last a life time for some dogs. Many people vaccinate their dogs for every possible disease because the want their pets as healthy, yet those two things can be incompatible for the health of your dog. We encourage you to do your research and talk with your vet as you make your decision of when and what to vaccinate your puppy with. Dr. Jean DOB's vaccination protocol is below. Jump Jiven' Aussies is located in Wisconsin where Lymes disease and heart worm are prevalent and so we do recommend these vaccinations for our puppies.

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