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Jump Jivin' Aussies Health Guarantee

The following is the Health Guarantee for your puppy and requirements of breeder and buyer regarding  expectations via contract to abide by the language  for limited (no breeding) and full registration breeding as well as care of offspring if breeding rights are given, and if puppy cannot stay with buyer in this contract Jump Jivin' Aussies has first right of refusal.

Jump Jivin' Aussies (JJA)  puppies are the product of two purebred AKC registered Australian Shepherd parents without any visible health problems or known hereditary conditions, and is guaranteed to be in good health & free from communicable disease at time of sale.


You are allowed a 24 hour health guarantee against Parvo.  Even though we have vaccinated our puppies against Parvo, they are still highly susceptible to Parvo when exposed until they have their next 18 week vaccine.  Puppies can be exposed to Parvo on the trip home, simply by allowing the puppy to walk where other dogs have defecated.  Puppies are not guaranteed against Parvo 24 hours after leaving our protective care.  Parvo is a highly contagious disease and is easily picked up from the soil and/or other infected dogs. You must be diligent to not walk puppy in an area used by other dogs or allow puppy to be around other potentially unvaccinated dogs until they receive their second Parvo vaccine at 18 weeks. If your puppy shows signs of Parvo (at anytime) you must immediately seek emergency care or your puppy may not survive.  The health guarantee for Parvo is null and void after the first 24 hours of leaving our protective care.   After 24 hours the health guarantee does not cover any parasite, internal or external, as these are common and easily treatable conditions in puppies & dogs. Every effort on the breeder's part will be made to eliminate parasites before the puppy is transferred to the buyer; however, shedding of parasites may still be occurring at that time and is normal after treatment. Buyer has been informed that puppy has recently been de- wormed & worms may be present in the stools as wormer is designed to rid the intestinal tract of parasites. Buyer should also be aware that vaccinated puppies are still susceptible to contagious disease even though every effort has been made to prevent this unfortunate occurrence. 

You are allowed a one-month guarantee period on any genetic/hereditary defects beginning at the time puppy is received into your care, to take your new puppy to a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) for a health examination, at your expense, if you so desire. If within the above listed timeframe(s) a veterinarian finds an illness or physical impairment related to  a genetic/hereditary defect, a full refund will be returned to you in exchange for the puppy which must be returned to the breeder at buyer's expense within 7 days.   An official report from the veterinarian listing the reason for return is required. Report MUST include the veterinarian's contact information and any testing results that were completed to support the claims.  The breeder reserves the right to have the puppy examined and tested by a veterinarian of Jump Jivin' Aussie's choice before agreeing to return/refund purchase of puppy.


 Australian Shepherds have been known to have injury issues with their hips and elbows. In an effort to avoid injury, it is recommended to not allow puppies to engage in  high intensity, high impact activities for the first 18 months of an Australian Shepherds life to prevent damage to cartilage as the puppy is still growing. 


This contract is between Jump Jivin' Aussies, LLC, and the buyer listed below ONLY.  If for any reason the buyer is unable to keep the puppy/dog; Jump Jivin' Aussies, LLC, reserves the right of first refusal and should be contacted first if at any time this puppy/dog needs to be placed in another home.  Buyer agrees he/she will not re-home, resell, give up to a shelter or abandoned the puppy/dog.  Instead buyer will contact Jump Jivin' Aussies, LLC, to make arrangements to return the dog.


This health contract is null and void if there is evidence of abuse, neglect, or accident after the sale. Breeder will not be responsible for injury or accident to puppy, or cost for health care once he/she leaves breeder's care.


In addition, breeder makes no guarantee on eye color, ear set, size, show quality, performance or working ability, or reproduction ability of puppy.  


Puppies WILL require medical attention at some point during their lifetime. Do not make this purchase if you are not prepared to pay vet expenses  which could be as high as $5000 as all vet expenses will be buyer's responsibility from this point  of pick up forward.  You may want to consider purchasing pet insurance before picking puppy up. Do not make this purchase if you believe this puppy is not in good health at time of sale.


LIMITED REGISTRATION  Buyer agrees to have puppy spayed or neutered by a DMV at the age recommended by the veterinarian (generally 6-12 months), if purchase was for a “pet” or “companion” puppy with a limited registration certificate. Buyer agrees to not expose or breed, by accident or on purpose, the purchased puppy before the spay or neuter.   The AKC registration documents are held by breeder until proof of spay or neuter is forwarded to the breeder. Health document must contain puppies registration number, date and age of puppy was desexed.   After breeder receives documents, JJA will forward the AKC registration documents.


FULL REGISTRATION- If buyer received a “full rights” registration and decides to breed the Aussie (even if only once), buyer understands and agrees to the following:This puppy will be registered with a co-own registration with Bonnie Caldwell-Miller  of JJA, until proof of passing OFA or equivalent hip/elbow evaluation and eye exam has been provided. Puppy is to have this done by  26 months of age.  Once proof is provided, puppy will be transferred solely into purchaser’s name.  The puppy is not to be bred or used for stud service before 2 years of age and not before clearance with OFA hip/elbow evaluation and clean eye examination is obtained.


By signing this agreement, the buyer agrees to breed responsibly & never sell offspring produced by a Jump Jivin' Aussies, LLC, Australian Shepherds to a broker or pet store but rather be committed to placing each & every puppy produced directly with his/her new family.  Buyer agree to NEVER register this dog, or any of his or her offspring, as any other breed

and will require the same contract of any offspring produced by this dog.  

Buyer agrees to never register this dog with any substandard registry & will only register with AKC,ASCA, &/or UKC & will require the same contract of any offspring produced by this dog.

Buyer agrees to always  have a licensed veterinarian remove tails (docking per AKC standards) from offspring produced, as this is breed standard, and to restrict breeding rights for any puppy produced not meeting breed standard because it is understood the importance of breeding only with the intention of improving the breed & that means only allowing breeding rights with the best quality puppies in each litter.


Buyer as a breeder agrees to the following:

If the quality of a puppy in the litter produce is questionable I know the option to consult with Jump Jivin' Aussies, LLC, is always available to me.

I agree to provide a lifelong commitment to address questions or concerns with each buyer over the lifetime of the puppy I produce and place as that is the example that has been set forth to me by Jump Jivin' Aussies, LLC,.

Buyer is responsible for continuing puppy vaccination & de-worming schedule provided by breeder at time of sale, flea & tick control, heart worm and Lyme disease prevention if living in an area known to have heart worm and Lyme disease issues for dogs. Buyer agrees puppy will be provided a high quality age appropriate dog food, fresh cool water at all times and a warm, safe place to live  inside the home, (dog will not live outdoor; a dog house in winter is cold and in summer is hot and is not acceptable accommodations. The puppy will not be restrained by

a chain to the ground instead puppy will have a fenced area for regular exercise and bathroom needs, and will be provided with lots of love.   

*The lapse of the recommended period for a veterinary check-up, (expected is a minimum of a vet examination/wellness visit once per year and for timely vaccinations and care in case of injury or illness) is a declaration of waiver to part of Buyer for any issue to the health of puppy. The JJA breeder offers no other guarantees or refunds after the period.


Buyer's Responsibility: Buyer agrees that the above-described puppy will not be leased, sold, or given to any pet shop, animal shelter, or research lab. Any intention of Buyer to let go of the puppy must be given consent by breeder. Buyer agrees that this puppy will receive prompt and proper veterinary care, to maintain the puppy in good health at all times, including proper treatment and vaccination.    Buyer must at all times abide by the rules and regulations, as well as the state and federal laws for the proper care of pets. Warranties breeder does not make in express or implied, any warranties or guarantees other than what is stated in this declaration and other agreements made.  

I understand & agree that breach of contract on any of these issues will result in the dog and his/her paperwork being returned and surrendered to Jump Jivin' Aussies at buyer's expense.

No other guarantees expressed or implied. This contract is under the jurisdiction of the State of Wisconsin. In the event of any dispute, it is agreed the place of venue to resolve said dispute shall be Washington County, Wisconsin.

Jump Jivin Aussies our logo and motto is Aussies are members of our family
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