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Our Vision  and Mission  



At Jump Jivin'  Aussies, we have taken something which started as a passion for our Australian Shepherd and turned it into something more.  We believe our AKC registered Australian Shepards are very special dogs.  With their friendly dispositions, intelligence, trainability, athleticism and conformation, their Aussies's  pups will have excellent showing and champion potential as well as to be successful working dogs, a companion pet or successfully competing in AKC sanctioned competitions such as herding, obedience, dock diving, rally, tracking (scent work) and agility. 
       Our Vision ~ A lifetime of Love between you & your pup.
At Jump Jivin' Aussies, we continue to care about our puppies for the entirety of their lives, even after they are with their new family. Our vision is for our puppies to be happy in their new forever home for their entire life, which could be 12-16 years.  

In order for our vision to become a reality it’s our strict policy to only allow individuals to adopt our puppies after we fully vet the prospective adopter.  The adopting family must acknowledge that adopting a puppy is a commitment for the entire life of their new family member, and commit to them for the dogs lifetime. It is also our policy as responsible breeders to have an agreement with the buyer that if for any reason they cannot keep the puppy they adopt we want to have the dog returned to us.  We do not want our dogs contributing to the problem of unwanted, uncared for dogs that end up in shelters or euthanized. Please see the contract for additional details.

To ensure Jump Jivin' Aussie puppies are placed in the very best forever homes which all animals deserve, we require a completed application, references,  the name and number of your current vet, acknowledgement from your vet that your pets have been kept current on all required vaccinations and preventative medications and spayed or neutered unless you own an AKC dog with breeding rights. 
Our Mission is to ensure that the Australian Shepherd breed continues for future generations.  In order to accomplish this in a responsible way we breed to meet  the breed standards established by the United States Australian Shepard  Association (USASA),  all puppies will be registered by the breeder at the American Kennel Club (AKC) with limited registered.  
Only puppies with exceptional conformation will be given full breeding rights and breeding rights will be only provided  to professional breeders who have been fully vetted or if we decide to keep a puppy for our own breeding purposes. 
 It is our strict policy to only allow individuals to adopt our puppies after a full vetting;  we will never sell  any litter or individual puppy to pet shops or brokers to avoid our puppies/future Dams and Sires going to a puppy mill.  
We are a small breeder; not a puppy mill.  Our dams will have only one litter per year, and will have  no more than three litters in their lifetime.
Jump Jivin Aussies our logo and motto is Aussies are members of our family
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