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About Us ~ Our Story

Jazz is our sire: AKC registered Australian Shepard TriColored Black, White with tan points
Daniel and Bonnie Miller with our girls who have crossed the rainbow bridge, Dana and Lilly our Borzois.
Our Australian Shepherd Storm as a puppy
Laila one of our dams

 About us; Daniel and Bonnie Miller are pictured above with two of our late Borzois (Russian Wolfhounds, grandfather Rozshack who won "Best of Breed" at Westminster.    On either side of us is pictures of our Sire Jazz and our Dams Stormy & Laila .   Our life long experience with animals and animal behavior is extensive and includes owning, breeding and training AKC dogs, breeding and training gaited Spotted Saddle horses, raising Green Wing Macaws and African Grey Parrots.   Over the past 40 years we have adopted and given forever homes to many rescue dogs and cats here on our 21 acre gentleman's farm in Allenton Wisconsin. Four years ago we both retired from working our very intense careers and now we are following our dream to only spend our time on things we truly enjoy.  Daniel enjoys helping young new artist as he produces their music.  Both the two of us it is being with our dogs and puppies.   We have developed a true love for our Aussies and this helped us to decide to breed them so others can enjoy these incredible dogs.

The family love for music continued on through Daniel and his band "London USA",  which was signed to Parliament Records in the late 80's and 90's. London USA toured throughout the United States and maintain a following today. Daniel later toured with national recording artist Keedy                                                                on Arista records as her lead guitarist. After his music career Daniel                                                                     went on to work for IBM as a business strategy consultant using his                                                                     Management of Computer Business and Marketing Degree  from                                                                Whitewater Wisconsin. Bonnie  received a bachelor's degree in nursing,                                                           which lead to a long career in Labor and Delivery, Cardiovacular care,                                                               Neonatal ICU, ER and ICU.  In addition to working as a registered nurse                                                                   in those departments more than 30 years was in leadership positions.                                                            Bonnie retired from nursing after more than 40 years .  Daniel and Bonnie were blessed  to have a family four adult children, one who gained his wings  November 2022.  They have three beautiful grandchildren.

     In November 2022  we lost our son Kristofer James unexpectedly at age 37,  he is remembered for his love of music where he played Saxophone and guitar,  his genius as a senior software engineer and his love for dogs.   We love and miss Kristofer  every single minute of every single day; more than we can ever begin to describe.  We dedicate our breeding program "Jump Jivin Aussies"  in memory of Kristofer, he was going to have the first pick of the litter, but he left us too soon. Kristofer is pictured below with his great love who he rescued Kayla and the kitty  pictured  both  of them lived until old age  and have since passed on.



     Kristofer James Falk      1/18/1985~11/28/2022

Click on the musical note 🎵 on the bottom right hand  corner to hear Kristofer play

Our son Kristofer Falk
Daniel loving on the litter of puppies, they can't wait to see him
Jazz and Stormy are forever inseparable
Daniel with sire Jazz when he was a puppy
Jazz and Stormy puppy love
Jazz watching over the birds in our back yard
Jazz and Stormy nose to nose, true love
Jazz loving the snow, he plays in it for ours
Jazz loving his time in our pond. He loves to dock dive
Laila, expecting her litter of six puppies
Laila with Stormy love snuggling together
Daniel's band days London USA
Jump Jivin Aussies our logo and motto is Aussies are members of our family
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